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Financial Restructuring

This relates to providing an overall capital and debt restructuring. This includes providing management with the scenario analysis of restructuring proposals for decision making, advising on equity and debt capital structuring and optimization, establishing cash needs for clients and advising on diversifying a borrower’s funding base.


This service provides insolvent entities some degree of protection from creditors in the event of the entity closed down through a liquidation. In some instances, these entities are allowed to continue in business under the supervision.
The primary aim of a formal insolvency process is generally to improve the recovery of value to the company’s stakeholders. We can support this process through the sale of its business (es) or the realization of its assets.

Buy-side Financial Due Diligence

There are instances where an entity or an investor may seek to consolidate its existing market share or expand into other markets. This is usually done by acquiring businesses or assets in the targeted market environment. The objective of this service is to provide to an investor or an acquirer, an informed basis for capital and/or investment allocation decision of a business or an asset. The provision of the informed basis include:
– Providing insights into the target’s business to the prospective investor to facilitate attaining the objective of the deal.
– Providing a business perspective and understanding of the critical success factors required.
– Providing emphasis on the strengths and opportunities to be derived as well as the weaknesses and threats to be resolved.

Sell-side Financial Due Diligence

Companies often divest parts of their businesses or may choose to sell off the entire business either due to an adverse financial performance or a re-focus on the core competences of the entity. This calls for a prudent advisor to facilitate this rather complex process. Benefits to stakeholders of this service include:
– Provide early identification and resolution scenarios of significant value issues.
– Providing credibility to the financial and non-financial information contained in the deliverables
– Providing vendors with a significant control over the sale and timing of the entity with the goal of securing a higher disposal value.
– Provide significant information to facilitate the prospective buyer make an informed decision on the purchase.

Financial Modelling Services

Financial models provide insightful information, allowing entities to explore the financial impact of strategic decisions, business plan or investment decisions. Our services range from building bespoke models to facilitate dynamic projections of financial and non-financial performance based on a set of assumptions. We also offer financial model review services in providing related findings on the model.

Reporting Accountant Services

These services are performed for issuers typically in connection with listings or securities offerings. This is to indicate that the required regulatory obligations have been met and adequate due diligence have been performed in preparation for the potential investors. The objective of this exercise is to provide certain a limited or reasonable assurance as required by the Securities and Exchange Commission.