We work with

Major achivements &

Tax exemptions

We succeeded in negotiating for tax concessions (obtaining tax exemptions from income tax and duties) and investment incentives in two (2) major investment projects to the tune of USD900,000,000 between years 2016 and 2019.

Dispute resolutions (tax audit interventions)

We have successfully assisted clients to resolve disagreements with GRA in the interpretation of the tax laws. With the introduction of self-assessment, there has been very frequent tax audits carried out by GRA and we have successfully intervened on behalf of our clients with the tax authority. In many instances, we were able to save about 80% of the initial assessment raised on our clients.

Tax planning opportunities

We have assisted clients to arrange their tax affairs for efficient tax management practice. We have provided tax solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific situation and also analyzed financial plans to ensure that all elements work together to allow our client minimize tax cost within the confines of the tax law.

Our business
support experience

Our firm’s experience in providing business support services is provided below:

Service Our experience
Start-up services
  • Initial Company Registration
  • Registration with Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC)
  • Registration with Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)
  • Obtaining Individual Tax Identification Numbers
Immigration Issues
  • Obtaining Work and Residence Permits (expatriate employees/dependents)
  • Renewal of Work & Residence Permits (expatriate employees and their families)
Payroll Management Services
  • Preparation of monthly Payroll
  • Payment of salaries
  • Payment of statutory deductions
  • Filing of tax and social security returns
Company Secretary Services
  • Assisting the Board to comply with the constitution of the company and with any relevant enactment.
  • Ensuring that all statutory forms and returns are duly filed with the Registrar.
  • Maintaining the statutory registers and books of the company.
  • Providing the Board with guidance as to the duties, responsibilities and powers of the Board and on the changes and development in the laws affecting the operation of company.