We work with

Corporate Tax and Compliance

— Review of estimated and computation of final assessment based on actual performance.
— Preparation of final tax computation based on the relevant financial statements and filing of computations and final returns including transfer pricing returns together with other supporting information with the Domestic Tax Revenue Division (DTRD) of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

Employee Tax Compliance

Provide advice relating to taxable employee emoluments to ensure that the company accounts for appropriate taxes due from its employees.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Services

This involves assistance to Companies to enable them comply with obligations under the Value Added Tax Law.

— Guide Staff in computation of VAT on transactions and the maintenance of VAT Account.
— Ensure reasonableness of VAT Returns before monthly filing.
— Ensure prompt payment of VAT monthly.

Other Activities

— Notification of payment of taxes.
— Assist the Company to obtain Tax Clearance Certificates.
— Assist the Company to obtain withholding tax exemption certificates.
— Private ruling applications.

General Updates and Interpretation

This involves furnishing of new tax information to companies from time to time, updating the Company on:

— New developments and changes in legislation including practice notes issued by GRA.
— Changes in administrative procedures and practices at GRA.
— Interpretation of the provisions of Tax Laws.
— Corporate tax responsibilities.
— Taxable employee emoluments to ensure that the Company accounts for appropriate taxes due from its employees.

Dispute Resolution and Tax Audit Intervention

AA&K assists to resolve disputes which may arise in interpretations of applicable legislations between the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Companies. During tax audits the GRA on many occasions disagrees with taxpayers treatment of transactions and issues queries. We assist in planning for tax audits by GRA, assist in responding to queries raised during the audits and participate in exit meetings between GRA and the Company.

Tax Education and Training

The firms organize both public and in-house training programmes for staff in accounting, auditing and tax departments of companies and institutions on various topics in taxation. These services are aimed to ensure the Company is aware of the emerging issues in the administration of taxes.

Tax Health Check

Our firm assists to tax-audit the records of companies to ensure compliance with tax obligations. The objective is to prompt the Company of potential non-compliance issues and to recommend corrective actions to minimize potential exposures.

Tax Advocacy

This service involves assistance to companies to obtain tax exemptions, concessions and reliefs which are available through the Parliament of Ghana under the powers of the country’s 1992 Constitution and other applicable statutes like the Free Zones Authority Act 1995 (Act 504) and the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act 2013 (Act 865). AA&K assist companies to make a case on contentious tax issues through the sector Minister for possible amendments to regulations and laws.

Tax advisory and planning

This involves the provision of tax solutions that is tailored to each specific situation. AA&K assist to review a Company’s corporate structure, the nature and timing of transactions and location of activities in arriving at tax saving measures. Some of the transactions involves:

— Tax advice on proposed business activities.
— Tax advice on re-organizations (Mergers, acquisitions etc.…).
— Tax advice on issues unrelated and/or specific to activities of the company.
— Tax advice on contentious tax issues when requested by the company.
— Tax advice on any other specific topic.